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I’m specialized in eBook design, creation and publishing for a wide variety of niches and micro-niches. I also cater for a whole host of designs to capture the attention of your audience and to portray eye-catching images that your brand and eBook fully deserves.

Let me create your eBooks for you and turn your boring documents into eye catching PDFs that are sure to be read and downloaded all around the world! Increase your options, signups and sales by portraying a professional image.

Let me do the hard work for you. I’ll create for you beautiful, elegant and professional designs with stunning 3D covers and flipbooks that will make you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

But most important of all, I want to create that amazing and stunning design for your ebooks, especially the flipbook technology, to make your customers want to read them and click those call-to-actions buttons, so that you’ll increase your chance of getting more conversions and sales.


Wilfred Tan Online Entrepreneur

About Me

The very fact every ebook out there now looks the same, the first thing your customer picks up your ebook will be saying, "There goes another ebook again!" I've always wanted to create amazing ebook designs that will make me stand out from the crowd. My aim is to create it elegantly, with professional design to give your customer the first impression that the ebook is not just another ebook (of course, content is still important). I understand this takes work and some of you may not have the time to do all this. It takes passion to show you what I've learned over the years and I'll be proud to help you create something you're proud to have too! Let's create unforgettable experiences...together!

Design Process


Designs Delivery

After auctioning your feedback on the mock-ups your final designs will be delivered in 3 different sized pngs for you to use on the web.



Once your initial designs are ready we will send them across to you for your feedback and approval before proceeding.


Project Planning

The second step is to outline the work schedule and propose a plan of action that we will adhere to in order to get your designs developed


Capturing Requirements

The first step after initial contact is to establish exactly what you are after through our various channels of communication

Feedback from our clients

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